Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Tyson Robichaud Chose the DMC-G3, As Did I

Tyson Robichaud's Article Explains Why He Chose the DMC-G3 as the Successor to his DMC-GF1
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I recently found Tyson Robichaud's excellent blog:
Mr. Robichaud and I seem to think alike.  I have recently standardized my Micro 4/3 kit on two Lumix DMC-G3 bodies, after using a DMC-G1 and DMC-GF1 for a few happy years.  Tyson explains in very clear detail how he made the decision to replace his GF1 with a G3, rather than a GX1 or other manufacturer's camera.  I made the exact same decision, after similar analysis.
(click here) for Tyson's article about moving from the GF1 to the G3
Mr. Robichaud states that one of his main reasons for upgrading at all is high iso noise performance.  He finds (and demonstrates) a nearly full 2-stop improvement in noise when comparing the GF1 to the G3.  He states that iso1600 is "very useable."  I fully agree.  In fact, I have made decent images at iso6400, which was previously impossible.
Like me, he was tempted by low holiday prices on the excellent GH2, but decided to go with the G3 mainly for size reasons.
Contrary to frequent complaints by others, he finds the grip on the G3 to be about right.  I have no complaints in this area, either.
We also agree that some of the buttons on the back of the G3 are too small and low profile - especially the two very useful custom buttons.
Tyson finds that the long shutter noise reduction is very good.  I have not tried that, but his post will make me get to it.
It is always nice to find a great new blog like Tyson's.  It is also good to find someone who can affirm my logic and direction in choosing equipment!