Monday, February 13, 2012

Tyson Robichaud Continues His Transition to the Lumix G3

Tyson Robichaud's Wintry Chicago
Chicago in Winter - Tyson Robichaud
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In his latest post, Tyson Robichaud shares some great night photography from the Windy City, all taken with the Lumix G3 (except one with the GF1).  

(Click Here) to see the whole post, with several great images.

Tyson comments on how it worked for him to leave his full-frame DSLR at home, and use only Lumix cameras.  In addition to the Lumix 14mm f2.5 and 20mm f1.7, he used adapted legacy lenses - the Canon FD 50mm f1.2 and Contax 45mm f2.
Like Tyson, I have really embraced the Lumix DMC-G3.  I am becoming more comfortable with leaving my Nikon DSLR behind much of the time.  However, it is not a complete transition for me.  Probably the biggest thing preventing me from leaving DSLRs all together is flash photography.  I have yet to figure that out on the G3.  Some of it is my need to explore it.  However, I know for sure that Panasonic does not have anything as highly evolved as Nikon's wireless and iTTL systems.  
Regardless, I am thankful for all that the G3 does so well, and enjoy using it very, very much.  I will keep pushing the limits of the technology.
Thanks, Tyson, for sharing your experience and unique images of Chicago in winter!
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