Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Would Have Thought It Was April Fool's Day, But Here's a New Polaroid Instant Camera - Digital!

Polaroid Z2300 - Instant Digital Prints!
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Well, I suppose it had to happen someday. Polaroid is back in the instant camera business. The newly-announced Z2300 uses a digital sensor and has an integrated printer, which makes 2"x3" prints on the spot.
Pretty cool. Retails for $159.
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I sort of see this like an iPhone camera with a printer attached. It would be great for parties. I think it's great to see the combination of digital imaging and instant printing in such a small package. Gimmick? Perhaps. But, I bet the original Polaroid instant films were seen the same way, and they sure found more serious uses, such as for setting up large format images before committing to regular film.
Anyway - certainly something different, and that's worth something today.