Monday, July 16, 2012

What a Great Project! Memories Bought and Sold

Memories Bought and Sold, by Gloria Baker Feinstein
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While holding an estate sale in preparation for a move, Gloria Baker Feinstein felt like she was selling her memories. So, she decided to photograph each item as it left, with its new owner. This resulted in an amazing set of images.
(Click Here) to read the story and view the images on the New York Times blog: Lens.
I find this truly inspired. It is what I hope to develop as a photographer - the ability to capture life's moments that mean something to me, but would not mean anything to someone else, unless I could describe them in pictures. This kind of project is genius, in my opinion.
How does one develop the ability to recognize an opportunity and develop a non-event into a meaningful collection of images? Many of my projects begin by "going out to take pictures." I don't think that often leads to a project like this. In this case, I'm pretty sure Ms. Feinstein did not start out with the goal of creating a photo project. Maybe it's like most other things - you have to be "not looking" to find it.