Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Little Identity Crisis Going On Here At

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More on the identity crisis that DMC-365 is currently going through.
First off - thanks to the respondents on the poll I posted yesterday about shifting the blog focus to Panasonic and film. The results were even between "stick to Panasonic" and "make it Panasonic and film photography." In the end, I need to decide what I want this blog to be and go for it.
For me, the experience of the Film Challenge really was transformational, and gave me the feeling that focusing on Panasonic Lumix equipment, which has been challenging yet fun for the first six months of 2012, may be too limiting for me. As you've seen, I have not been strict in that focus. However, if other types of equipment and photography are going to be regularly included, perhaps I didn't state my focus correctly in the beginning. So, I'm working through how to restate it now.
I thoroughly enjoy all types of photography, but everyone knows that a general photography site quickly becomes just one in a million. So, I want to retain some focus.
The film challenge reminded me how much I love shooting film and Leicas, in addition to my mainstay Panasonic equipment. Well, Leica and Panasonic have a partnership at some level, so why not focus in that way? Perhaps I will. But then I think of my Nikon kit, which still gets fairly regular use. And how about that new Fujifilm XPro that I'm interested in trying out? I think you can see where the identity crisis is coming in. It's nothing new; I've been a multi-kit user for a very long time.
I also enjoy many styles of photography - music, history, nature, street...
So, please bear with me while I sort this out. One thing I can assure you - DMC-365 will not lose its focus on Panasonic equipment and how I and others use it. It's just a question of how far to stray in my musings.
And then there's always the obvious. Chill out. Stop worrying about it. Just keep the Panasonic focus and add in anything that I find interesting and useful. Sort of like it has been so far, but with potential for some further exploration of non-Panasonic subjects.
As I said at the beginning, this blog has been challenging and fun for the first half of the year. I'm just working to keep it that way. I appreciate the fact that I have a strong readership, as evidenced by the page views. In other words, I appreciate YOU!
Comments and suggestions always welcome!