Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Interesting Options Coming in September? New Lower Cost Leica M9, Fuji XPro Cameras

Leica M9
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I think it's still in the realm of rumors, but probably correct. LaVidaLeica has a post hinting at a Leica "ME," to be announced at Photokina in September. Reportedly, it will be along the lines of the M9, with a real rangefinder, and will cost less. Well, that will be interesting to see. I don't know exactly what they'll do to reduce the cost, but I'd like to see an affordable Leica M digital (along the lines of the Leica CL from the 70s). It won't invalidate the original M9 and new M10 (also expected to be announced), any more than the CL invalidated the M6 (it didn't).
(Click Here) to see the post on LaVidaLeica
There are also some rumors of new Fujifilm Xpro cameras to be announced, following on the XPro-1. I find the XPro-1 very interesting, but I think most users have some complaints. The biggest one is focus speed, from what I can tell. I hope Fuji has addressed the issues.
I have recently bought a used Leica M9. Even though I've spent my camera budget for the foreseeable future, I welcome all of these new additions. Looking forward to hearing the official announcements!
By the way, new M9s are lower in price than I've ever seen right now: