Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ryan Lussier Reports On Three Months of Shooting Film On Steve Huff's Site

Ryan Lussier's Film Work, Contax G2
Kodak Porta 400, Zeiss 50 f/2
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Ryan Lussier has posted a nice article about using film over the past few month on Steve Huff Photo.
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First off, this is no story to restart a controversy over film versus digital. Ryan admits that he likes digital as well. Raised on digital, Ryan is also no old man going back to his youth.
Ryan gives some details of how he processes and scans his films, basically the same as I do. Get the negatives developed at the drug store, then take on the scanning at home. He uses a Plustek scanner; I use an Epson V750. One thing I learned from Ryan is a product by Ilford called Antistaticum. It is a cloth for removing dust from negatives. I'll be ordering one today.
I also saw another interesting post this morning on GetDpi, from a person who put away their digital camera, grabbed an old 8x10 (really large format!) camera, and some Polaroid film. The results are very cool.
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