Sunday, January 1, 2012

Why Do We Photograph? Connection, That's Why

This entry does not have anything to do with Lumix per se, but is right at the heart of why we photograph.  

The purpose of photography is connection.
Christine in the Rain, Lumix DMC-LX5.

Take a look at this VIDEO

I get a few important impressions from this excellent video:
  1. Often the human story is what gives real insight into a location.  Think travel photography doesn't include intimate contact with people?  Think again.
  2. I love to hear the audience respond when a killer image is presented.
  3. Mr. Griffin talks about how the experience with his son nearly drowning is preserved as a static image, and emotion, in his memory.  I note that this presentation shows the power of still photography - no video was required.  That said, the google video that follows is also inspirational and great.  Every type of media has its place.

The big message?  Photography equals connection.  So get out there and connect!