Monday, January 23, 2012

Photographing Fossils for the Calvert Marine Museum

I spent the weekend fighting off a cold and photographing the extensive fossil collection at the Calvert Marine Museum in Solomons, Maryland.  As you will see below, my Lumix kit has not supplanted my Nikon D700 for this type of work.  I shoot the D700 tethered through Lightroom, and use the excellent Nikkor 60mm f2.8 AF-D Micro lens almost exclusively.

The two shots below, however, were taken with the Lumix DMC-G3 and 14mm f2.5.  You can see the Nikon inverted above the fossil.
Lumix Shoots Nikon Shooting Fossils
John Nance and I, Photographing Fossils
Lumix DMC-G3, 14mm f2.5, iso160, f8, 1 sec

In order to get these shots, I set up the DMC-G3 with a remote shutter release, prefocused, and with a 10 second timer.  I then I triggered the DMC-G3, waited until I heard the shutter open (after the 10 second timer), then triggered the Nikon D700 remotely, to get the Nikon flashes to go.  I like the way they came out.
Lumix Shoots Nikon Shooting Fossils
This is one of just me.  Same settings as above.

Did I mention that the museum's collection is extensive?  How does 40,000 samples sound?  We covered maybe 10% this weekend.  Good thing it's fun and interesting!