Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where Are My Zeiss Lenses For Micro 4/3?

Zeiss on Lumix
I Want to See A Planar on my Lumix WITHOUT
an Adapter!

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I recently found this announcement from almost a year ago, stating that Carl Zeiss had joined the Micro 4/3 standards group
(click here) to see the announcement at
So where are the Zeiss lenses for Micro 4/3?  I would LOVE to see that happen.
I also found this very recent announcement about Tokina, Tamron, and Astrodesign joining up:
So maybe we'll start to see even more world class lenses for Micro 4/3 in the near future!
Multiple helpful users on dpreview informed me of these Zeiss cine lenses already available in Micro 4/3:
These are large cine lenses, and reportedly multiple thousands of dollars.  Not exactly what I am looking for, but it does answer my question.