Friday, April 27, 2012

Carl Weese - Documenting America's Drive-In Theaters

Carl Weese's Drive-In Project
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I enjoy documentary photography. That includes everything from the straightforward imaging of scientific specimens for future reference (see my post on the Calvert Marine Museum), to war photography, a very dangerous proposition for the photographer (you won't see any war pictures taken by me).
Today's post is about Carl Weese, who lives in Connecticut, and travels the country documenting America's vanishing drive-in theaters. Drive-ins have been on the decline for a very long time, but are being dealt the death blow by digital technology. Sounds familiar (camera stores, bookstores, ...).
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Carl's big sweep across the western part of the country was funded within three weeks on kickstarter
( This is a great site where you can support projects that you believe in.
(Click Here) to see more of Carl's pictures on kickstarter.
Apparently, Carl has plans to sell exhibition-quality prints and maybe a calendar of his work.
Nice job, Carl! I hope the kickstarter funds will cover some coffee for those late night drives between theaters.
By the way, if you like the kickstarter idea, consider funding one of my favorite Virginia Bluegrass band (and photography subject)'s effort to fund their new album:
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