Monday, April 23, 2012

More From Less - Interesting Article by Nick Fleming on Digital Photography School

Exclude Unnecessary Elements From Your Compositions
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In an article on the Digital Photography School website, photographer Nick Fleming describes the importance of excluding extraneous elements from our compositions.

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There are several great examples of powerful pictures, where more novice photographers would have been tempted to include more. In the image above, just the grass, boots, and drill instructor in the background are needed to communicate what is going on in the scene. No doubt, the recruits' faces would have been interesting elements as well. For this picture, they just weren't necessary.

The article also shows examples where excluded elements are obvious, even though they're not part of the picture. An ox pulling a plow is excluded; we know what was there. One wooden boat in another picture is enough; we don't need to see the one in the immediate foreground to know what it is.

This article reaffirms a commonly-taught point: in photography, simplicity rules. This article goes beyond the normal description by offering several interesting examples that make the point very well.