Friday, April 20, 2012

On Critical Focus, by Tesselator of GetDPI


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Tesselator's DMC-GH1 and Worn Manual Focus Assist Button
Forum member Tesselator on GetDPI posted a recent entry about achieving critical focus. Interestingly, while he uses legacy manual focus lenses almost exclusively, and does not own a single native Micro 4/3 lens, he is a dedicated Lumix DMC-GH1 user. Apparently, he's on his fourth unit.
(Click Here) to see Tesselator's post on Get DPI.
It turns out that Tesselator achieves astonishingly sharp focus not through any tricks or technologies; it seems he's just plain obsessive about careful focus and camera stabilization. The only kind of new tip he shares is using the automatic magnification for assisting manual focus that is available on the Lumix 4/3 cameras. In fact, you can see how he has worn the label on the button away through constant use, in the image above (small button to the left of "Menu/Set").
In this post, Tesselator also describes his extensive use of tripods. This is something we all need to hear again, once in a while. Of course, we all know that tripods are required for ultimate sharpness. But, it sure is easy to leave it at home.
I found it useful to read his experiences, including those with vintage Linhof tripods. I hope you find something useful in his post, as well.