Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Now This Could Be Cool - An Online Lumix

Net-Connected Camera In The Plans For Panasonic?
Image Source: http://files.petapixel.com/assets/uploads/2012/03/samsung_mini1.jpg

According to a post on PetaPixel, both Samsung and Panasonic are considering adding internet capability to cameras, using the Android operating system.

(Click Here) for the PetaPixel post.

I can imagine that it would be nice to be able to automatically upload images to my flickr account, even while I'm shooting. I can also imagine using my camera to guide me when I get lost. I guess I can even imagine using a bluetooth device to talk on my camera. But, what I can't imagine is that many people will not also have a phone in their pocket while they're out shooting. So, maybe the real usage will be restricted to photo-related tasks?

I also wonder if this would be limited to the Japanese market for Panasonic products? As far as I know, they sell phones in Japan, but I'm not sure if they sell anywhere else. I'm pretty sure Panasonic phones are not available in the US.

Anyway, this is intriguing.

I think I'd rather have wireless connection from my camera to my iPad, honestly. Now that would be cool.