Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Worldwide Pinhole Day 2012

Worldwide Pinhole Day, by Reed A. George
Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, by Reed A. George
Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1, Nikon Mount Adapter, Nikon Mount Pinhole (f180)
iso100, 6 seconds

Today is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. So, I had to get something up here for it.

(Click Here) to read about Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

You may ask, how can Reed take a blurry pinhole picture, when pinhole cameras are supposed to have sharp focus and nearly infinite depth of field? Well, the answer is simple. Take a pinhole body cap for a Nikon camera, which already produces blurry images due to diffraction effects with the "small" full-frame 35mm sensor, and use an adapter to put it on an even smaller Micro 4/3 sensor camera. That's what I did.
You can only enter one picture in the official gallery at, so I won't be entering this one. I took a couple earlier with a much better rig, my 4"x5" film pinhole camera. How's that for a bigger sensor? But, it requires processing, which won't happen today.

So, please accept this as my image for Worldwide Pinhole Day! And, I even took it with a Lumix camera.

Would you like to make blurry pinhole images, too? Here's an example of a Nikon pinhole body cap (different manufacturer from mine):