Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ashwin Rao on Steve Huff Photo: Leica M9 and Fuji XPro-1 in Paris

Paris, by Ashwin Rao
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Ashwin Rao, well-known proponent and user of the Leica M9, has shared an amazing set of images from a recent trip to Paris.
(Click Here) to read Ashwin's post on stevehuffphoto.
Ashwin presents many photos in this post, and links to even more. His work is always worth checking out.
Ashwin describes in words his impressions of the "City of Light," sharing with us the tastes, sights, and feel of the city.
I have never been to France, so maybe this post falls into my "traveling through the lens of others" category. It certainly makes me want to go. In fact, take a look at Ashwin's relative's blog to get even more of that feel.
(Click Here) for, a blog about city life in Paris
One point Ashwin makes, even though he's a self-admitted victim of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS), is to not neglect your existing equipment. I think he's right, that buying new gear tends to make us photographers shoot more. But, we should not forget the capabilities of our existing cameras. For me, some of my favorites are also some of the oldest.
On this trip, Ashwin took a Leica M9 and a Fuji XPro-1. Hard to believe that these two are no longer new, but September is expected to bring the announcement of an M10 and XPro-2.
Anyway, Ashwin shares that he used the M9 about 75% of the time, mostly due to familiarity. The XPro-1 came in handy in low light situations, because of its improved high iso noise performance. But, the XPro-1 reportedly has some focus-lag (I have not tried one, just handled a mock-up in Japan). So, Ashwin felt that he was less likely to capture the moment with the XPro-1.
While Ashwin remarked that the M9 has allowed him to select the classic 35-50-90mm focal lengths for most of his photography, I note that he also took along a 21 mm Super-Elmar. He didn't mention which lenses he used on the XPro-1, but I assume they were Fuji lenses, rather than using the Leica lenses with and adapter, since he referred to lag in autofocus.
I found Ashwin's images to be a wonderful taste of Paris. Thanks for taking us along, Ashwin!


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