Sunday, September 2, 2012

Leica M8 Goes Off For a "Check Up"

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Leica USA service is offering a special check up for M8 owners.
(Click Here) for details on red dot forum. Thanks to Dale Photo for posting the information.
Basically, the service includes a cleaning, calibration of the sensor, rangefinder, and meter, pixel mapping, and sensor cleaning. Another big plus - it comes with a one year warranty.
This service normally costs $475. From now until September 15, 2012, it's available for $350!
FYI - the contact number in the link above takes you to Dale Photo. You can contact Leica service directly at 800-222-0118. They'll give you the details on how to ship your camera, and information to include.
Now that I've bought the M9, I'm probably going to sell my M8. I say probably because it's going to be hard to let go of it. I figure the service will 1) help the camera sell faster, and 2) give the new owner coverage for a full year. Of course, if I decide to keep it, I'll have a functionally brand new M8.
So, my M8 is on the Fedex truck as I write! If you have an M8, you may want to consider this service special seriously.