Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Does Kodak's Plan to Sell Film Business Mean?

Choose Your Frame, by Reed A. George
Kodak has implied (announced?) that it's in the market to sell the film business. What does it mean for those of us who still shoot film? I believe it means that we're going to be paying more for film and processing, and probably waiting for the mail to see our negatives.
I noticed that Target stores near me have stopped processing film. That only leaves a couple of drug store choices, with site-to-site variability from terrible to pretty good.
(Click Here) to read a great post by Kirk Tuck about film in the modern world.
I have been thinking of exactly what Kirk brings up in this post. I am coming to realize that I while I like to have a lot of capability in my camera kit, since I mainly shoot for fun, I don't have to be prepared to capture every image that comes to my mind when I'm out. What I do need is to capture some GREAT ones. That's where I am focused.
For example, I love shooting with a rangefinder and 50mm lens. If I'm willing to bypass those shots that need a long telephoto or wide angle, I can capture some very special images with just one lens.
In Kirk's post, he describes a friend's analogy to eating out. If you got to an all-you-can-eat buffet, you get to taste everything, but go home stuffed with mediocre food. If you go to a fine restaurant, you don't get to taste it all, but what you do select is so good, it doesn't matter. I do see film in a similar way.
Now, don't get me wrong. When I'm shooting a musical performance in a dark venue, I'm sure glad that I can crank the Nikon D700 up to iso 6400 or more and pull it off. Impossible with film. But, when I'm out trying to be creative, some constraints can actually lead to results. And, shooting with a 50 year old film camera that has more mechanical perfection than any modern camera is just plain fun.
I recently bought a used Leica M9. Lovely camera. Great results. But, I almost decided to buy a new MP (film camera) instead. I'm happy with my decision. Plus, now less people think I'm nuts. Not zero, but less.