Tuesday, September 25, 2012

High Resolution? No. Sharp? Not Particularly. Special? Absolutely.

My Favorite Subject, by Reed A. George
Zeiss Ikonta 522/24, Schneider Kreuznach Xenar 4.5cm f2.8 Lens
I took this shot with my 1948 model Zeiss Ikonta (35mm). It was the first Ikonta 35mm, made in 1948. For a very short time, they came with Schneider Xenar lenses. My copy was picked up in an antique store by my Mom for very little money. After removing both front and back elements to get the shutter moving freely, I spent a lot of time trying to fine tune the focus with only basic tools. It works very well now. The shot above was made at f4. The sharpest point is a little in front of the subject, but is not bad given what I had to work with. At a little further distance, there is no noticeable shift in focus.
It is the subject, and the fact that the camera was a gift from my Mom, that make this image special to me. I hope you can see why I like it.
Shooting old cameras with film is good for the soul.