Thursday, September 27, 2012

Well, Here's a Funny Twist... Impossible? Yes. The Impossible Project, That Is.

Finally analog instant photos from your favorite digital images!
The Impossible Project's Instant Lab
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So let me get this right. People want to snap pictures on their iPhones and turn them into Polaroid-style instant prints? Apparently so.
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This gadget allows you to shoot with your iPhone camera, bring the image up on your display, then lay it on top, expose instant film below, and print. I have to admit, I don't get it.
First off, I'm not an iPhone user (crowd gasps)...
I can understand why you'd want to be able to give iPhone pics to your friends. Here are a couple of things I don't understand:
  1. They're digital pictures - can't you give them all to your iPhone-carrying friends digitally? Of course you can.
  2. If someone wants to give ME one (without an iPhone), they can email it. I do have that.
  3. Let's say I just love to have photos on real paper - wouldn't I rather print it out directly? Something like this?
(Click Here) to see the Polaroid instant printer for iPhones, as reported by Chase Jarvis.
Why in the world would I want it to go through the instant film process and cost?
I've been wrong about things like this before. But I think this appeals to the very rare person who loves analog prints, along with the very analog process of making a Polaroid print, yet loves digital technology, and uses an iPhone camera. I'm in the first class of people, who still love analog photography. But, I just shoot with an analog camera. I can't imagine wanting the convenience of shooting with an iPhone (which is considerable), and still planning to carry the Instant Lab with me to make prints for my friends. So I can carry the iPhone in my pocket, pull it out and shoot anytime - that's cool. What, I also wear a backpack with my Instant Lab and pack film, sit down, expose, and wait a few minutes for a print of an image that's gone through the lossy process of exposing an LCD representation onto instant film? And have yet another battery to charge? Unlikely. Impossible? Well, that's their name.
I think these guys are very creative. I love that they're around. I love the idea that instant film is still available. I don't get why 8X10 film is available, while 4X5 is not. But, I'm sure there's a good reason.
Keeping working on it, Impossible. I'd almost buy one just to keep your creative gears turning.


  1. The Impossible Project is making nice things (I deeply regret to have sold my Polaroid some time ago, after the film was totally unavailable here in Italy).
    It's clear that their target is the hipster crew, that shoots only with the iPone because is the cool thing to do, and wants to have an analog print to exchange with friends, because is the SECOND cool thing to do. It's just fine with me, but I also have started to shoot medium format, and waiting for my new 35mm soviet rangefinder, so if I wanna shoot analog, I shoot true analog.
    I still hope that they will sell many of this gadgets, they deserve it.

  2. Andrea,

    I agree, and hope that the Imposible Project does very well.