Saturday, September 15, 2012

Work I Aspire To - John Delaney On Elizabeth Avedon

From JOHN DELANEY: Hoboken Passing
Image Source:
I have written about my desire to get more personal connection in my photographs. This project by John Delaney inspires me.
(Click Here) to see more on Elizabeth Avedon's site.
I did a one-day Digital Photo Academy (DPA) photo workshop in Hoboken, New Jersey with Rick Gerrity.
(Click Here) to get to know Rick, a great photographer and instructor.
(Click Here) to find out about DPA. They have workshops in most major US cities, are easy to work with, and can really add to a brief trip to a new city.
Anyway, my real point is that while I had a great time walking Hoboken and shooting with Rick, I didn't get much human connection with my subjects. Here are some examples:
While I happen to like these images, you can tell that I didn't meet any of the people in them. They're perhaps fine, maybe even interesting. But look back to the John Delaney image above. Not in the same league.
Now, to be fair to myself, I'm sure John didn't get these on his first afternoon walk through Hoboken.
So, I'm not putting down my own work; in fact I did much better connecting on a subsequent trip into Harlem. But, I am inspired to get more connection. More connection. More connection.