Friday, September 28, 2012

Bill Fortney Asks "Why Bother?"

I just found Bill Fortney's website. His theme is "Photography and Faith." While I'm not a religious person
myself, no one could deny the beautiful work and great photographic insights on Bill's site.
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In one piece, Bill asks "Why Bother?" when there are so many unbelievably great photographers out there? I'm sure we've all felt it at some point. The feeling of being so inferior to some of the masters can really get you down.
(Click Here) to read Bill's thoughts on the subject.
Bill makes several good points:
  1. Enjoy the fact that there are so many great examples to learn from. Enjoy holding the camera as much as you enjoy your images.
  2. Celebrate when others succeed.
  3. Always photograph your passion. If you can find that, success will follow.
  4. Experiment. It has never been easier to experiment photographically.
  5. Have fun. After all, that's why it's your hobby.
I like this approach very much. One thing that strikes me is the idea of photographing what you are passionate about. This is easy to say, hard to identify and turn into a project, in my experience. I feel that I've achieved it with my Live Music project. And, it really makes working hard to get better at it fun.

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