Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alfred Eisenstaedt's Camera On Sale!

Eisenstaedt's Leica IIIA
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According to the Austrian Westlicht Auction catalog, Alfred Eisenstaedt's Leica IIIa, yes the one used to shoot the iconic image of a sailor returning from World War II kissing a woman in the street in Times Square, will go up for sale this month.
Equipped with a 50mm Summitar f2 collapsible lens, this beauty is expected to bring in the neighborhood of US$30,000. I can admit, I'd love to have that camera purely for its historical value.
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Don't know Eisenstaedt's work? If you have any interest in street photography or photographic history at all, you must get to know his work.
My introduction was through the book The Eye of Eisenstaedt, which is still available used on Amazon. Please use my link below to get yourself a copy and support this blog at the same time!
It's amazing what Eisenstaedt was able to do with a relatively simple camera outfit. I'm sure he didn't spend much time camera shopping. That makes we want to get out and shoot an old Barnack Leica!