Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Film to Digital and Back - Leica Rangefinder Brings Rikard Landberg To Film

Here's a short piece on Steve Huff's blog, written by Rikard Landberg, describing how he went from his first camera, the Canon AE-1 to Canon digital DSLRs, and now back to film with a Leica M2 rangefinder.
(Click Here) to read Rikard's thoughts and see several of his photographs on Steve Huff's site.
I am an avid film user, still. But, I can't really imagine going 100% film any more. To me, there's nothing funner than shooting a Leica film rangefinder with 50mm lens on the street. However, for example, I'm going to shoot a music event in a dark theater this evening. I can't even imagine trying to do that with the same equipment. Nope, I'll be cranking the Nikon D700 up to iso 1600 or 3200 for that show. But, just to illustrate the conflict, I'll probably use my rangefinder for the shots I get to take in a pre-show interview.
I no longer fool myself into thinking my next camera will replace all the others.