Thursday, May 9, 2013

AMAZING Photography With New Fuji X100S and X20 - Colin Steel on Steve Huff Photo

Truly Inspired Photography by Colin Steel
Every once in a while I see a series of photographs that makes me say "I am not worthy." Well, thanks to Steve Huff's website, and Colin Steel's photographs from Sicily, that is how I feel right now.
I will summarize a few key points from Colin's write up, but you MUST
(Click Here) to see Colin's images on Steve Huff Photo.
Colin used the new Fujifilm X100S and X20 on this trip. I really enjoyed Colin's take on cameras and technology. He says that to him, image quality means "how effectively can I crate interesting photographs with these tools?" Colin concludes that there are many great camera options out there today, including the two new Fujifilm models. Instead of focusing on the equipment, he focused on capturing spectacular images, and boy, did he succeed.
He focused so little on equipment, the pictures don't even say which of the two cameras they were taken with.
Colin likes to shoot in square (1:1) format, in black and white. He reports that the X100S has a very nice square frameline in the optical finder. He also found the new manual focus tools in the X100S very useful. He says the X20 made a good pairing with the X100S, mostly based on the similarity of the controls.
Colin post-processes using Nik's Silverefexpro2 software, which I have just recently gotten myself. Interestingly, he likes the Tri-X film emulator in Silverefexpro2, which is my favorite so far. I tried many times to find Lightroom settings to emulate Tri-X; I never came close to what Silverefexpro2 provides.
As I wrote some time back, even though I'm very attracted to the Fujifilm X100S, I don't think a fixed 35mm equivalent lens works that well for me. I prefer 50mm field of view. The X20 is a different story. I handled one in Japan, and really, really liked it. For now, I'm still enjoying my new Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7, but the X20 still may make its way into my kit.
In any case, Colin set a new benchmark for me with these images. I'm so impressed.