Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lumix G6 Is Announced - Same Sensor as G5...

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I read an introductory hands-on review of the new Lumix G6 today.
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According to this article, the G6 is about the same size as the G5, and questionably, at least by me, it shares the same sensor with the G5. I am still shooting the previous series of Lumix Micro 4/3 cameras, the G3 and GX1. From what I can tell, the G5 is not enough of an improvement to justify upgrading. Again, according to this article, the G5/G6 sensor is based on the GH2 sensor. Well, the GH3 is already out and getting much better reviews than the G5. Why would they not use the GH3 sensor in the G6? This will keep me from purchasing the G6 as well.
Again, I'm waiting for the announcement of a GX2 (or something else). I sure hope the next camera designed primarily for stills (the GH3 is ostensibly a high end video camera) will have the very latest sensor technology. We all know that noise is the enemy of the small Micro 4/3 sensor, and still photographers need the latest technologies as much as videographers.