Saturday, December 13, 2014

Leica Makes Good on M9 Sensor Problems - Mine Is Going Back

My Leica M9 was just serviced about a year ago at Leica USA.
Recently, a problem with the Leica M9, M9-P, M Monochrom and M-E camera sensors surfaced, related to corrosion of a coating on the IR filter. Leica is offering a "goodwill arrangement," under which they'll replace any affected sensors free of charge. They're also offering attractive upgrade options if owners are interested in upgrading to the M240 or MP (240).

I think I'll send my camera in and see what the options are.

(Click Here) to read the official announcement of the goodwill arrangement.
Having a problem like this is never good for camera owners. It can only hurt the resale value of used cameras. But, given that it happened, this seems like a generous response by Leica. I'll be sure to report what happens with mine.