Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Another Ricohflex TLR!

My New Ricohflex
My Mom sent me a couple of old cameras. The first is this Ricohflex (Dia L, I believe). I really have a soft spot for TLRs. This Ricoh has a light meter built in, and is more advanced than my other Ricohflex (Super). The shutter works but is a little sluggish. The lenses apperar to be in great shape.
I have emailed Mark Hansen (ClassicCamera@comcast.net) for an estimate on service. I've since removed the rear element from the lens of this camera, applied a very small amount of lighter fluid, and gotten the shutter back to normal. I also cleaned the lenses. It's ready to go, at no additional cost.
This may be a future Skeletons From The Closet camera!