Friday, July 5, 2013

Whole Lotta Leica Lens for July - Coated Summitar 5cm f2 Collapsible

My Coated Summitar
This month, I will shoot the Summitar 5cm f2 on my Leica M9. The Summitar replaced the earlier Leica Summar 5cm f2 in 1939, and was manufactured until 1953. I have two Summitars. This one is a late model (1951) with coated lens elements. The other is an early uncoated model. I love them both, but for different reasons.
The Summitar was the penultimate 50mm f2 design, coming directly before the benchmark Summicron. (Click Here) to read about the first version Summicron, which was my Whole Lotta Leica (WLL) lens for April. You can see lens and results posts for all of my WLL selections so far if you (Click Here).
Back to the Summitar. This is a collapsible normal length lens, and was used by countless Leica photographers as their fast lens, and many times only lens on their camera. It is a solid performer, and I think rivals the Summicron in many ways. My coated version is great for color or black and white.
This particular lens came with a Leica IIIF I both several years ago.
On the M9, I will have to be careful not to collapse the lens, as it can interfere with the sensor. Obviously, I'll also have to use an M mount adapter, as this is an LTM lens. Neither of these is a real issue, and I'm sure I can make some nice images with the Summitar.
In future months, I'll shoot the earlier Summar (which is one of my all-time favorite Leica lenses), and a more modern Summicron. So, we have plenty more to look forward to.
Wish me luck in getting some time to get out and shoot in July!