Friday, July 12, 2013

Former Chicago Sun-Times Photographer John White Keeps it Light

M. Spencer Green / Associated Press
Recently, the Chicago Sun-Times fired all of their staff photographers. In today's world of digital music downloads and ongoing extinction of book stores, this doesn't seem like such a surprise. So much of the visual media is recorded on cell phones these days. But, you have to look a little deeper.
For example, one of those photographers was at the pinnacle of the craft. Pulitzer prize winner John White is now a former Sun-Times photographer.
(Click Here) to read an article on the NY Times blog, Lens, about Mr. White and how he mentored NY Times photographer Michelle Agins to a successful career in photography.
But, Mr. White is keeping his chin up. He says he's not fighting the darkness, he's lighting candles.
Here's to the true master photographers out there, adjusting to the modern world. Some of us still value what you can do - with a cell phone or a Nikon. And, you did it every day for a whole career.