Sunday, July 21, 2013

Creative Idea by Paul Hampton - Preserve Those Little Things You Love

I'm busy re-populating my RSS feeds, now in Feedly, since Google Reader is no more. I haven't figured out how to upload my old Google Reader backup file, so I'm starting from scratch, which may be good anyway. I will admit I'd sort of gotten tired of the same several hundred (!) blogs and forums I had on my list.
So, here's some inspiration from Paul Hampton, who photographed his possessions, at least some that matter to him.
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I like this idea very much. I remember a couple of years ago I finally had to disassemble the bulletin boards that hung in my late brother's room from thirty-some years in the past. I had moved them, intact, countless times over those years. Finally, I took everything off, scanned it on my Epson flatbed scanner, and put it into a big envelope, discarding the boards themselves. Interesting stuff there - ticket stubs from the Led Zeppelin concert that he attended, and I was too young to attend. Various pictures of friends - some still around, some not, in their high school days. Anyway, I at least documented them. Paul's idea is much more artistic. I wish I'd thought to do this with my record collection before it vanished a few years back. Anyway, I hope you like the idea, too.