Thursday, July 11, 2013

Leica X-Vario Images

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Let's face it. Most purchases of Leica equipment, mine included, have little to do with logic.
The new Leica X-Vario camera is generating a lot of conversation, and proving that art and logic don't always go together. What's all the conversation about?
Well, the new X-Vario is a compact camera with a zoom lens, not interchangeable. It has a nice big APS-C sensor, but the lens aperture is pretty small (f3.5-f6.4), meaning it's not designed for low level existing light photography, which is where Leica is legendary. It's also very expensive compared to other options, but that's Leica, folks.
Some people are actually using the camera. The results I've seen look pretty exciting. I found an image post on getdpi forums.
Once they get over picking on each other and commenting on the camera, some of the images are really quite impressive.
(Click Here) to read the comments, and more importantly, see some real images from the X-Vario.
In my opinion, the only thing Leica did wrong with the X-Vario was to advertise it as the "mini-M." I'm positive that it's a very capable little camera; it's just designed for something quite different than the M, in my opinion.