Monday, July 1, 2013

LHSA's Raffle - Unbelievable Prizes!

The International Leica Society is running its annual raffle right now. This year's prizes are unprecedented. True, last year's grand prize was a Leica M9-P. I had the pleasure of meeting the lucky guy who won it. But this year, wow!
APO Summicron M Aspheric 50mm f2 Lens
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The current grand prize is the winner's choice of either the $7,000 Leica M (240), the newest Leica M rangefinder body, or the 50mm APO Summicron, valued at $7,300 or so. Second prize, the X2! Third? Dlux 6. All of these are excellent prizes.
So, how does one take part in the raffle? First, you must be an LHSA member. For $55 per year (electronic membership), you're in. Pay a little more and you get the paper version of the excellent Viewfinder magazine.
(Click Here) to join LHSA.
Once you're a member, (Click Here) to get your raffle tickets. Raffle ticket prices are $10 per ticket, $60 for a book of ten, or $100 for a book of twenty. Not bad for prizes worth several thousand dollars.
Hurry, as your tickets must be purchased by July 12, 2013!
So, what makes a $7,300 50mm lens? Well, the APO M Aspheric 50mm is probably the most well-corrected, high tech 50mm lens ever made. APO stands for apochromatic correction, which ensures that all colors in the image focus at exactly the same point. An aspheric element, which requires exotic manufacturing techniqe, corrects for other aberrations.
(Click Here) to read more about the lens on Thorsten Overgaard's site.
Personally, I'm going for the APO Summicron when I win. I'll be happy with any of the prizes, however.