Friday, January 17, 2014

Cheap Pinhole Cameras Can Be A Lot of Fun

I like to play with pinhole photography once in a while. I have a nice 4x5 film pinhole camera that takes pretty decent images. Here's one I love:
4x5 Pinhole Image, by Reed A. George
However, there are many less expensive pinhole cameras, including some nice kits where you actually build you own camera out of thick paper. Here's mine, the Kikkerland, which shoots pinhole images on 35mm film:
With the smaller negative size of 35mm film (as compared to 4x5), you cannot expect the same results. The resulting images are always unsharp, but can still be pretty cool:
Unsharp Knife, by Reed A. George
Kikkerland Paper Pinhole Camera, 35mm Film
(Click Here) to read a nice post about another paper pinhole camera, this one a "Sharan," by
Andrea Taurisano on Rangefinder Forum. Several nice images are included.
So, if you find yourself obsessing about sensor size, noise reduction, or lens sharpness, grab a cheap little pinhole camera and allow yourself to enjoy a low tech image or two. Works for me!
There's a link to the Sharan model on Amazon below. If you feel really adventurous, you can google for DYI pinhole camera ideas.