Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Leica IIIC Pictures From Japan, 1949-1950 - Gordon Coale's Grandfather

I have just purchased my second "wartime" Leica IIIC, this one with a date matching (1945) Elmar 5cm f3.5 lens. The wartime IIICs are slightly different than newer units, with the rewind lever position on a step on the metal top plate. They are therefore sometimes referred to as "steppers." My new stepper IIIC needs a clean, lube, and adjust (CLA), so it's on its way to see Youxin Ye in Boston.
Anyway, googling around for IIIC stuff, I found Gordon Coale's site. Here he shares lots of images shot by his grandfather, who lived in Morioka, Japan, from 1949-1950. He shot a IIIC (post-wartime, no step), and the faster Summitar 5cm f2 lens, with Kodachrome slide film. Here's Gordon's grandfather's camera:
Image Source: http://gordoncoale.500px.com/my_grandfather_s_photos
(Click Here) to go to Gordon's site and see many of his grandfather's images. Love it.
It's inspiring to me to think that these old cameras took such great pictures way back when. It's amazing, but they can still do it now.
Mine was likely sold to an American serviceman in the post-war occupation of Europe. I'll look forward to getting it back from Youxin and using it.