Friday, January 24, 2014

My First Results of "Dreaming in Monochrom(e)" - War Memorials in the Rain

I've decided to try and emulate a Leica Monochrom in analog form, using my Leica M4-2 and TMax films.
(Click Here) to see what I am planning. I understand the differences and limitations in this comparison.
Here is my first installment of images for the project. I don't normally go in for photographing the monuments in DC, but on this particular morning, I thought being out in the driving rain and seeing the few visitors hearty enough to be out in it was worthwhile. It turned out to be a good set of conditions for photographing the Korean and Vietnam War memorials, and led me to think carefully about war.
One theme that kept coming up in my mind is the notion that "Freedom isn't free." I must admit that I don't fully understand that notion. It's like saying "Happiness doesn't make you happy" to me. Let me be crystal clear: I come from a family with significant veteran experience and respect that service very highly. On the other hand, I basically despise war and all that it entails. How's that for conflicted? Anyway, here are my impressions from that rainy morning walk amongst the names on the wall, and the terribly expressive faces on the statues of Korean War soldiers.
Vietnam Memorial
Korean War Memorial
All images were made with the Leica M4-2, 35mm Summicron f2 v.3, and TMax 400 film. Processed in typical excellent fashion by The Darkroom (