Thursday, January 23, 2014

New DIY Camera by Kevin Kadooka - Open Source Plans Available

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Kevin Kadooka has published all of the plans, parts lists, and instructions to make your own 120 film camera with electronic shutter. He's also posted sample images, which look pretty darned good.

(Click Here) to read more about the project on DIYPhotography.
Kevin's goal in this project is to provide everything necessary for a hacker to make their own camera from all-new parts (no need to steal from old junker cameras). The main structure is to be made on a 3D printer, and the circuit is controlled by the hobbyist microprocessors sold by Arduino (both normal tools for gadget hackers).
The assembly instructions look pretty thin to me. For example, I don't see how to either assemble or purchase the electronic shutter; maybe I simply need to look closer. Kevin also indicates that he already has some improvements to make, like allowing access to the battery without disassembling the camera.
I think it's really cool that Kevin has put in the work to not only make the prototype, but effectively share how to make one for yourself.
I'm tempted to give this a try.