Thursday, January 30, 2014

Function Button Focusing - A Minor Tweak That I Should Probably Revisit

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Funny how I sometimes forget the little features that my cameras have. I believe that all of my digital cameras that have autofocus (AF) give me the option of assigning a function button (other than the shutter release half-press) to activate AF. Most of us do leave it with the "default" shutter button half-press. In a post on Nikon Rumors, they explain how assigning AF to a separate function button can really help with capturing the moment.
(Click Here) to read the post on Nikon Rumors.
Probably the most important attribute of doing this, at least on Nikon cameras, is that you can easily switch from single AF to continuous, simply by holding the button down. This means that you don't have to move any other switches or go into any menus. And, to switch back, you simply lift your finger off of the AF button.
I have tried this before on my Nikon D700, but not long enough for it to become second nature. I didn't really like having to hit another button on the back of the camera before taking every shot. But, now that I see it here, I can appreciate that if I got used to it, it could really help, especially for nature photography.
If it helped me to capture one shot like the one above, it would be worthwhile.