Monday, January 27, 2014

Documenting CycloCross with Film - straightmp on Rangefinder Forum

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I read a post from forum member straightmp on Rangefinder Forum, about winter bicycle races called CycloCross (CX), where cyclist race across the winter landscape through mud and cold. Sounds pretty fun to watch.

What really caught my attention though was that straightmp used black and white film (Kodak TriX) to capture the event, using a Nikon F100 and "cheap" 28-80 Nikon zoom. I think the results are very expressive.

(Click Here) to see the post and several more excellent photos on Rangefinder Forum.

The Nikon F100 is an amazing deal these days. When it came out, it was the penultimate Nikon SLR, second only to the contemporary F5. I remember buying one used for $700. It was like the Corvette of film cameras to me, a real high tech machine. Now you can buy one for a song. I just looked and KEH ( has one in EX condition for $189. Amazing.

I ended up selling mine off, because I prefer more manual cameras, especially when I'm shooting film. But, it was a camera that always impressed. I